lundi 21 mai 2018

Post Salute Holiday results

Hello Everyone,

So yes..... the objectives were numerous and ambitious... so of course I failed.

But here are what have been painted from the week.

Those little Mig 21 (objective 4) just missed the matt varnish and did received the said coat the week after the Hobication.

Objective 2 the Chieftains did receive some gloss varnish and their pinwashes. Today half of them were matt varnished (airbrush clogged like hell after 2 full tanks, one turret and most of the 3rd hull so decided to just stop for now and have the airbrush cleaned up before continuing). They are just missing pigments and matt varnish to finish them (or try some of those mig jimenez products....)

And the big project was.... The bolt Action 300 pts British infantry army. Which started on Monday morning being in a box on sprue. And finished the Sunday evening nearly all done but the decals and bases.

So here are they! In all their britishness glory with the basing having been finished yesterday:

I will post all the steps and reference for them soon. (update of this post)

The orks had no luck as besides being taken in picture and be set as an objective nothing happened to them.

Same fate for the perry's travel battle set. Will really have to fix that as it could be a great game to play at the local pub while having a few. And this will show people that some of those games are possible around here.... we might get to know new players.

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