lundi 16 avril 2018

Post Salute Wargame holiday!

G'day everyone!

Long time not posted.

So Salute was great, but as we are a lazy bunch no one entered the painting competition. I will post more about Salute later this week.

A few months ago I had an idea, what more motivating than a big wargaming event to get you back on track.

So I did put a week off work after Salute.

This week will be greatly dedicated to finish or advance on wargaming projects that might have been a bit stuck in the past few months.

So in order of priority here are the lucky winner project.

1) Get a 300 pts points Bolt Action army finished, and the lucky sods are.... the brits!

The goal is to start and finish this basic army. 

Long story short.
One Second Leutnant Regular
2 platoons of 8 Regular  rifleman with Bren gun
1 platoon of 5 Regular rifleman

300 pts is 22 guys 
That leaves 3 spare guys from the base infantry box.

2) Finish those damn Chieftains:

If I do not doing the lynx is going to be real tough.... maybe the plan will change along the line.

3) Ork reeinforcement for 1500 pts V8 army list.

Cause we restarted to play 40k and I am only a few minis away from having a 1500 pts force ready.

4) 1/600 Mig 21   6 of them

Preped those guys a few weeks ago but never got around to paint them. It'll be nice and quick but still a finished project. Might add more 1/600 if it goes well

5) The Perry Miniatures Travel battle.

I wanna do a basic paint job on those minis rather than leaving them red and blue. Silly me I forgot to get a spray of blue and red while at salute..... might check out my GW dealer later this week.

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