lundi 15 juillet 2019

Ju 88 aaand first big project of the year done


Here are my Ju 88 finally finished.

This mark the end of my Battle of Britain project I stated last year. 48 aircraft in total, will have to snap a familly picture of them

Color chart to come

mercredi 10 juillet 2019

Cutiebowl stadium

Comment bousiller ses objectifs ?
En intégrant des projets imprévus au planning !
Voici le cutiebowl stadium, prêt à accueillir les athlètes pingouins, morses et ours polaires à venir !

lundi 17 juin 2019

Hurry! Hurray! Hurricanes!

And here are the hurricanes in the form of the Polish 303th Squadron!

First wanted to do another squadron but I was satisfied with the decals I could find for them, plus it'll be accurate whenever I want to play Witold Urbanowicz in Blood red Skies.

The paint scheme is the same as for the Spitfire, only the nose case has been done in  GW abadon black.

dimanche 28 avril 2019

Here are the Zerstörer

 grey car primer

A-Mig231 blue grey all over

A-Mig217 on top and wings and small wings

A-Mig233 camo on the slate green

spunging on the sides with  A-Mig233

Black canopy

canopy structure in A-Mig233 camo on the slate green

Vallejo English uniform 921 for exausts

AK2071 Brown and green camo Paneliner

GW Eshin grey propeler cone

black drybrush for exhaust fumes traces

mardi 12 mars 2019

Spitfire full Squadron!

There we go, I finished the 6 next spitfires last Sunday.

So here are the reinforcement:

And here is the whole squadron:

They were painted the same way as the first 6. However I used a paint brush to use the Enamal thinner to move along the pannel liner and it works a ton better.

jeudi 7 février 2019

Full Me 109 Staffeln!

Here we are, I finished 6 more Me 109. Yay the 6 first minis of 2019 (69 to go).

They were painted with the same method as described for the first 6. However I did got a bit heavier on the panel ink and tried to clean up with a paint brush rather than those earbuds things. I prefer this result.

And here are the 12 of them.... I will not deny it's a childhood dream that came true. my own Staffeln in minatures.

9/JG 26.  So 9th Staffel which was part of III Gruppe / JG 26.

The decals are from miscminis  and the paint reference were found in a Histoire & Collection book on Me 109 (tome 1 1936 to 1942).

I will not lie, I might add 6 more for half another Staffeln, which would bring me close to half a Gruppe ;)

mardi 22 janvier 2019

Dame Ned 2019

So here we are... 2019.

As Le com said in his previous post I talked about doing a bit of a yearly objective setting and talk about it.

First of all, what about 2018? Going back through this blog I found out that I painted 75 minis in a year (I know 2 mirages F1 were not taken in picture and posted but I swear I did them right after the first 4. ok this won't happen anymore).

Painting Policy:

So first objective of all in 2019, paint at least 75 models. And as a Guideline try to paint as many models that I buy (in the vain effort to reduce my big pile of shame, aka stock). And on that front thank you Le Com' you already kick started the year with 10 necromunda models to paint :P lovely gift still.

Gaming Policy:

Another objective. One game every, single, month. At least one game a month. And if I do two in a month no it does not mean that next month I don't have any to do. January will be easy as I am writting this little article on my way to Warlord Games Blood Red Sky and Cruel Seas boot Camp. Where I'll only play blood red sky (3 games seems to be planned through the day).

I started to write this article in the aeroplane towards Birmingham and I estimated that I was to buy 18 more aircraft at the local Warlord Games store. In the end only 6 of the planned planes were acquired.... for a total of 17 planes bought (pictures coming soon in my article on Blood Red Skies Bootcamp). And 2 of those were gifted... and 3 of those were limited edition they found in the warehouse (yay for useless Paul Defiants!)

Damn I already start the year with a baseline of 27 models to paint! and I have not finished a single one yet! Don't worry, the first 6 are coming soon as I started 6 Me 109 in order to bring my Staffeln to full strenght.

Real Objectives:

- Foldable Gaming table for the flat! I will need to work on those with Torisun I am affraid
- Receive and get that Terrain cupboard organized! (wohoo just got an SMS today saying it has arrived!)
- Space Wolves 1500 pts painted and ready to go. 12 models
- Imperial Guard 1000 pts painted and ready to go. 7 models
- Necromunda, paint my old style Orlocks, paint my new style Goliath. 20 ish models
- Orks 2000 pts painted and ready to go. 68 or so models (yes boys and grots are cheap pointwise)
- Blood red Sky Full spitfire Squadron, Full Me 109 Staffeln, Full Hurricane Squadron. Half Squadron of Me 110 , Half Squadron of JU 88 (to start I want to test drive a scenario that grew in my head a few weeks ago) 36 models
- Fallout Waistland Warfar. Paint the base box plus rad scorpions, ghouls, Rad Roaches. Priority to the last 3 (yes I can't justify to start painting Super mutants as my survivor will be real low level to start) 30 ish models

- Flames of War. Late war comes out in June. Update of my 4 base tank armies. Scope has not been set yet it will be set once the book is out and I know the point cost and so on. Admitedly I am going to gage the point level of a full US Tank Company, a full Sovient T34 Battallion and a full British M4 Squadron. The germans will get their update too but wil depend of the others. God knows how many models... but let's say at least 20 models
- Team Yankee. Base US army first. then Soviet upgrade. no clue yet
- Adeptus Titanicus. Paint all I got at the moment (2 Warlords, 4 Warhound, 2 thingie in between, 12 Knights + the terrain and objectives). 30 ish models
- Get that damn Perry's miniature travelling wargame kit PAINTED and flocked and ready to play! That was an objective of last year's Hobbycation that sadly was not completed. to be honnest the only one that is not completed yet. 50 ish models

Man that is a LOT. And I haven't even talked about Napoleonic or Bolt action. Damn...

So that is 8 different game systems... and at least 247 or so models. ok I'm doomed. that is nearly a model a day (keeps the shrink away?)

I think another Hobbycation will be required this year again. Maybe 2 weeks....


- Terrain? Daaaamn
- Blood ball?
- 10 mm Cold war Gaming from PSC? Hell wouldn't it be cool to have a scale more appropriate to cold war than 15mm. or go full 6mm? That is VERY Tempting
- Blood Red Sky: Pacific Theater? If yes how many? Double check that Facebook thingie. I would say roughtly 1.5 squadron of Wildcats and Zeros and 0.5 squadron to 1 squadron of Kate