mardi 18 octobre 2016

Mikhail's tin can

From Russia with Love

Base coat AK4134 Green Khaki  (airbrush)

gloss varnish

Black wash

AK4134 Green Khaki (drybrush)

75 % AK4134 Green Khaki   25 % Vallejo Iraqui Sand 819 (drybrush)

local gloss varnish (paintbrush)


gloss varnish  (paintbrush)

Matt Varnish

Gun mantelet  + barrel holders  in Green Brown 879
        50/50 Brown/water wash

Rubber side Skirts : Black Grey 862

            Black Grey 862  +  Iraqui Sand 819     75/25    (drybrush)

Black wash in the slides between the plates


    base Vallejo US Drab 873

    Bolt Gun Metal Dry Brush

    Black Wash

        German Grey base

    Bolt Gun Metal Dry Brush

Battle Damage Sponge german grey + dots in metal (Bolt gun Metal) and rusted metal (Runelord Brass or Warplock Bronze)


Matt Varnish

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