samedi 14 mars 2015

So Hello Miss American Pie

Black primer spray

White spray as pre highlights

US tank spray from plastic soldier company

Black wash

heavy drybrush of Vallejo Brown Violet 887

light dry brush of Vallejo Brown Violet 887 + Vallejo Green Grey 886 50/50

tracks in german grey 995

Crates: Vallejo Flat earth  983 then highlights in Khaki 988 and brown shade

bags: green grey 886 then highlight green grey 886+ white 50/50 then brown shade

Tanker vests: Khaki 988 highlights  Khaki 988 + white 50/50then brown shade

Leather straps: chocolate brown 872 then brown shade

canvas: german cam beige 821 then highlight german cam beige 821 + white 50/50 then brown shade

camo net : russian uniform base, high light strips in khaki and diluted brown shade

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