samedi 31 janvier 2015

February Challenge

G'day to you all!

So here is the start of my 2 weeks holidays and here is the challenge...

Yes 21 T34! The goal is to finish them all in less than 2 weeks and that will give me a nice 800 points of Late war Soviet Tankovy.

Here is how they will be painted.

black undercoat

white highlights

russian green army painted base coat

dray brush highlights in luftwaffe camo green

German grey on tracks and metal on tools

Gloss varnish where the decals will be applied

Apply the Decals

Apply gloss varnish over the decals

Paint de details :
 - tools handle in  872 chocolate brown + highlights flat earth 983
 - Bags :  khaki 988 then brown ink then khaki highlights
 - canvas :  grey khaki 880 then brown ink then grey khaki highlights
 - rope Karak stone + brown shade watered down slightly
 - unbogging log 2 parts  870 Medium sea grey 1 part Khaki Grey
                            Pale sand 837 on pole tips 
                            then mix one part of each gloss varnish brown shade and black shade.

Cavalry brown on exausts

Spunge dabbing with german grey to chip the paint.

Matt Varnish

Black smoke pigment on the exaust

Black smoke pigment on the end of the gun barrel

European dust pigment on tracks and were dust goes

Matt Varnish

Pencil where metal shows (tracks and chips)

Tutorial created from and advices the red Bear army book.

That is the basic idea, I might change it when I first try it fully on one set of vehicules.

Anyway stay tuned for the updates!

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