dimanche 10 août 2014

Grey Hunter Space Wolves!

Et hop c'est le weekend de la sortie du codex et je prend en photo ma première unité de troupe que j'ai fini de peindre il y a 2 semaines environs.


petit aide memoire :

army painter wolf grey

--> Badab Black wash

--> Sombre Grey dry brush

--> > Sombre Grey 3 : 1 Ghost Grey Dry brush

--> > Sombre Grey 2 : 1 Ghost Grey Dry brush

--> > Sombre Grey 1 : 1 Ghost Grey Dry brush

--> Ghost Grey detail on stripes on edges

--> Badab Black 1 : 2 Asurian Blue wash, slight watered

---> GunMetal Metal *Vallejo* + Vallejo thinner 061

---> Badab black wash

-->> GunMetal Metal *Vallejo*

--->> Chaos Black

---> Sombre grey dry brush on bolt gun

---> Gory Red

---> Chaos Black

---> Bloody red

--> SUnBlast Yellow

---> Cobra Leather

---> Bone white

back of pelts: ratskin flesh then agrax hearthshade wash, then Deahclaw brown highlighs on high points, light seraphim sephia wash

base color: Graveyard Earth (steel legin drab)

skulls + crux terminatus : Zandri Dust, Reikland Fleshshade wash, ushabti bone highlights on raised areas, screaming skull edge highlight

shoulder pad : flashgit yellow

fangs/claws: zandri dust, reikland fleshshade wash, zandri dust (well diluted to play with transparance), Screaming skull (well diluted to play with transparance)

stone talisman: Dawnstone, nuln oil was, administratum grey dry brush

skin: Kislev Flesh, Reikland fleshshade, kislev flesh, edges of details with watered Eldar flesh

leather: snakebite leather, devlan mud

Blessed signs: screaming skull,  white scar, writting in black, devlan mud
wax: red

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